Bookkeeping by remote – and how it works

The traditional self-employed bookkeeper will generally come to your office say one day a week or one day a month depending on your business need. The traditional bookkeeper will need space in your office, which can often be difficult. One way round this is “bookkeeping by remote”

Modern technology means that this is no longer required.

So how does it work?

Firstly we send you a monthly checklist – click here to download an example.

There are a number on online storage options, such as Drop Box, Google Drive etc. Such folders can easily be password protected.

You scan the paperwork in at your end and upload it to your chosen storage method. This also means that you have the original documentation on hand should you need it for supplier queries and so on.

A typical folder structure is:











It is important that you distinguish between paid and unpaid invoices when uploading them – this is in order to ensure that duplicate invoices are not recorded, as one month’s unpaid invoices will be paid the following month.

The data is then downloaded onto our secure in-house servers and entered on to Sage. We then email you with any queries.

Off course one alternative is to post the information to us, and the records are then returned via your accountant, at year end. You trust the Royal Mail, at your own risk, and although we store your records as safely as possible, there is always a risk of fire.

Should you wish to discuss this further do not hesitate to contact us.